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Great Deals Thrift Store | Montclair, CA | Thrift Stores

Your browsing experience would greatly improve by upgrading to a modern browser. Donate Find Care. Store Hours Monday - Thursday: a. Mattresses collect dust dead skin cells over their lifetime.

You have no idea how old the mattress is, or what the condition on the materials used in its construction is like. For all you know, this could be a year mattress that only has a year of service life left in its springs. The thrift store is not the place to be shopping for a new pair of shoes. Old shoes you find at the thrift store are typically tossed out by owners or donated. If you put on a pair of shoes that are already worn-in by the previous owner, then you could end up developing back pain.

Skip getting your kicks at the thrift store, and stick with a shoe retailer instead. We suggest you avoid purchasing any goods that look old and have paint incorporated with the design.

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Many older-brands of paint contain lead, and trace amounts of that can end up in your environment at home. Old decorative plates are also another item you frequently find at thrift stores that have this issue. Avoid fancy looking plates and crockery, and stick with purchasing stainless steel and ceramics from home depots. Vacuum cleaners have a service life of anywhere between three and eight years, depending on the manufacturer. However, these machines will often lose power in the motor long before they expire. You might purchase a vacuum cleaner that barely works, and has no suction power.

Adhere to rule number one, and never purchase your electronics from thrift stores.

Buying your household appliances at a thrift store is a bad purchase decision. Avoid coffee-makers, whisks, microwaves, or anything with electrical components or moving parts. These appliances also require a receipt to claim on a warranty. Therefore, the costly repair of the appliance is in your near future if you decide to purchase it from the thrift store. The thrift store has plenty of linen and bedding on offer. However, most of it will be threadbare donations from the public.

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Power tools are also another frequent item we find at thrift stores. Power tools can cost a bundle, and you might think that the thrift store pricing is very favorable.

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However, power tools fall under the same rule as electrical appliances and electronics. Women spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics throughout the year.

Some cosmetics brands can charge a fortune for toner, base, mascara, and lipstick. Finding your favorite brands available at a thrift store can be an exciting experience, especially when you see the price tag. However, we recommend that you never purchase your cosmetics at a thrift store. You have no idea of knowing how long the products have been sitting on the shelf. Cosmetics have a shelf life, and the chances are that the items at the thrift store are already past its expiration date.

Never buy perfume from the thrift store. It may look like the original product, and have an affordable price tag. However, it could be a counterfeit, and the chemicals in the perfume could cause an allergic reaction.

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If you find some classic toys your child might enjoy, then go ahead and purchase them. Classic toys like old army soldiers may also feature lead in their manufacturing. Avoid buying these types of toys for your kids, as lead poisoning is a real thing. As proud parents, you now have to deal with the financial responsibility of raising a child.