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CB15 Which has the best build quality? CB15 Which has the best keyboard? FX Which has the best touchpad? CB15 Which can play hardcore games? FX Which can use full microsoft office? As I own both, I should know. Haters gonna hate. What makes more money for me is Apple. Every system has its drawn backs. When you find most design and marketing across the planet is on macs you will appreciate the headaches caused by cross-platform issues. Losing a couple of days a year is all it takes for it to be not worth the hassle.

Wind your neck in. Run an agency It will fit a laptop if you have USB-C. Very true! Very tempted to go this route but there don't seem to be any on eBay in the UK with the Nvidia graphics option. The quad core Haswell mobile CPUs don't seem very cheap or common on there either. So it's in theory a good option, but not an easy one to actually invest in. Not in my company, each year the bags get cheaper and cheaper and are now paper thin. I went to the IT room and found a perfect old hard bag being thrown out and use that! I still use mine at work and push it hard, it handles most things fine but the fan runs full speed all the time.

It's hot and noisy. The screens apparently fail often. My screen went, but no one else in my team had this issue. I think itzoo should have section showing examples of what they class as grade A, minor marks etc are. I purchased a laptop from them and it said minor marks on case but it had a massive deep scratch across the top. Minor would be scuffs or tiny scratches less than 3 cm.

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Also there were some biscuit crumbs on the keyboard and charger. Everything was well packed though and I received my item the next day even though i only opted for standard delivery. I think it's pure luck, some ppl have commented that items have been 'like new'.

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Ah Belize now that name brings back memories sept March great tour! Second largest coral reef in the world so the locals claimed!

And weekend trips to San Pedro la Isla Bonita according to Madonna and Mexico military life was so tedious lol lol lol heat added for the memories! For example, the H that the H replaced is not that much different from a performance point of view. Likewise, you'll see good deals on older Xeon based laptops with quadro GPUs e. Lenovo, Dell, HP etc.

If you're not gaming, these could be a good option as they have good specs elsewhere such as 4K screens, higher max RAM, better upgradability etc. I've been looking at them a lot as I need one that can handle video editing and encoding.

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Yeah I agree, I sold my gaming pc rig on gumtree, much prefer a face to face meet and they can see the item and accept it there and then! I'd happily pay a small premium for new over refurbed tbh. I was starting to hate eBay as if you sell something, you have zero rights. However, as a buyer, it's worth checking out. I've bought some audio equipment there recently and picked up some bargains. There's some good refurbished deals there. Though during Black Friday you might be better buying new instead as the price difference won't be as high.

Ebay is a good shout, didn't think of that so cheers! And yeah, I've never trusted Amazon warehouse after a couple of items being poor quality. Cheers for the tip tho! Yeah, I have the same problem. But that means that contrary to what was advertised, it was sold without an OS. I think mine is going back. Got mine today but when booting up BIOS message no bootable device.


I suspected there was no windows installed I wanted to get rid of the HDD disc anyway so i downloaded a windows 10 copy from Microsoft free onto my pen drive. Got a grade c and looks brand new. The Geobook 3 is a lovely bit of kit, getting the metal chassis and display at this price point is pretty rare, but obviously the eMMC and 'slow' CPU are an issue for some. Just depends what you want. Is it just for the browsing, homework.

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Probably better to go with this instead. Just make sure to check it is the 64 GB hard drive version. This for potentially 2 reasons. If the hp is the one I'm thinking of it has an AMD A4 processor so is not as competent and as already mentioned the touchscreen. Assume at this price point you're comparing to the non-touchscreen version of the HP? Therefore, I'd say this unless you really value the larger form factor of the HP?

Bought one for my sons p6 work as they are encouraged to do Everything digitally, not breaking the bank so will see how it copes in the school bag, but as it didn't seem to be spill resistant or impact protected like some I'm on the lookout for a good case I was umming and ahing over this last night.

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I so nearly pulled the trigger on several occasions and then it disappeared at precisely. Ah well, let's see what else comes along Bought the Lenovo Ebuyer deal and that has the A and a few were saying it would be slow and generally rubbish, it runs and boots swiftly and even the tracker pad is good. All this with a Win10 pro, for general use it' great value, only negative the battery life is crap but just run it mains powered. They are however some-what mitigated using latest microcode updates from Intel and patches in Windows and Linux. Regardless, at pure number crunching, and particularly rendering, this is still a pretty damn fast processor considering its age and low-power.

Saying that, I still don't expect this processor to be the bottleneck. The main problem is Windows 10 these days, which eats most of the memory through-out the day, so 4gb may not be enough, especially if you have multiple websites open for long periods, and without an SSD to back you when the memory is low, it would feel sluggish. Otherwise on an absolutely budget, and hopefully not to many dents or worn-out marks, this would still make a great machine. This is almost correct, the part about load Windows that's where it goes wrong.

I wouldn't install Windows unless I'd had too much crack and was going crazy creating bootable Windows 10 USBs this has never happened that frequently. I hate Windows. I got one of these when the John Lewis deal was on. As for saying get a surface pro lol is all I can say to that. I have a surface pro i7 and hardly touch it now I have the macbook. All I would say is that often Microsoft Windows does not run especially well via boot camp. I say this, however having not done an installation for the past six years so who knows things could well have changed.

Spec for spec laptops compared with this, both running their native OS may provide a better comparison. No short sample size here.


Each to their own I suppose. I prefer Windows 10 native start menu. I was forced to use startisback in when Windows 8 landed, but no need now, at all. Anyway, we're not here to discuss Windows 10, this deal is a Macbook 12 y. Voting suggests so :p screen is TN so rubbish viewing angles but high resolution means it should be sharp. Performance will be good although you will definitely want to add another 4gb ram. Maybe spend 15 on a m2 ssd and you will have a quick machine. Well using the ean I find this is NX. Reviews suggest this has an m2 slot so you may be able to add ssd and keep the HD in there as well, but no guarantee.

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Build quality is a bit questionable on these Ideapads but for a fairly light machine with those specs, can't ask for perfection! Surely the hackers who find it back then would continue to check and would've also found it now.

I definitely agree with you on that. And will now be checking my laptop Lenovo U Thanks.

But don't buy it just yet

This is what I mean when I say I bring it up, and nobody comments on it. It's like they were caught and then the world just universally moved on and said "Hey those guys make cheap laptops huh? They were doing it back in , what's to stop them?