How to use coupons to save money on groceries

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Everything You Need to Know to Start Couponing

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Search this site Where to Find Coupons That means even a lazy shopper can save money using coupons with minimal effort. Coupons Only For Junk Food? Not So Both Nelson and Daily laugh at those who say coupons are only for unhealthy, processed foods. Organizing Your Coupons and Apps There are myriad ways to organize coupons.

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Zip Code:. Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. Please choose a color:. Never miss a deal. Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners. No matter whether you are shopping online or in store, using coupon websites can save you money. Coupon use is at an all-time high.

Thanks to free coupon websites and apps, you now have even more options for saving money on products you already buy. Some of them will offer digital coupons while others will require you to print them out. Either way, the result is extra savings for you. While in the past the majority of coupons were for grocery and department stores, the categories have expanded. Now, you can find coupons for everything from entertainment to massages and even your next oil change. Below are some of the best coupon site for saving money and getting more out of your next purchase.

Just like with anything else, preparing beforehand will ensure that you score the best deals and only buy what you actually need. Getting the basics down will ensure couponing becomes a part of your regular routine. Before you start scouring coupon websites searching for deals, you need to get organized. Make a list of the items you want to buy and do some research to find the best price. Envelopes or Ziplock bags can work as well. Make sure you go through your coupons regularly and get rid of any that have expired. When you first start using coupon sites, you may encounter some unfamiliar terminology.

They can only be used for the products specified on the coupon, so make sure to read the fine print.

5 Money-Saving Tips from a Coupon Clipper

Printable manufacturer coupons are exactly the same as the manufacturer coupons mentioned above, only they can be printed from various websites. Printable manufacturer coupons can also be found directly on brand websites. These printable coupons are still tracked with unique numbers and have legal usage limits.

All coupons have an expiration date, which is usually found at the top the coupon.

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Some coupons may list it at the end of the disclaimer text, so make sure to read all the fine print. Some coupon websites offer cash back instead of or in addition to an upfront discount on your purchase. The cash back amount is credited to the account you create on the coupon site, and you can select how to receive the payout. Every website has its own cash back rules, so make sure you read all information closely when you sign up and create an account. With in-store cash back, you get back a percentage of your total from in-store purchases. This is the total before tax and after any coupons.

The main difference between this and standard cash-back coupon sites is that you usually have to link your credit card through the online cash back portal to get your money. Similar to printed coupons, coupon codes give you a discount from your purchase total. Put the coupon code in the designated field and just press enter to apply it to your purchase.

1. Grocery Store Apps

To get the best deal on your online purchases, check out the best coupon websites below. Each one may have a different deal or coupon code you can try out on your next shopping trip. One of the great things about coupon sites such as Swagbucks is that they give you the option to save in several different ways. You can print out physical coupons to use at grocery stores, drug stores, your favorite clothing brands, and more. However, you can earn more when you redeem deals online.

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As you accumulate Swagbucks, you can cash them in for gift cards popular stores. Of course, you can also increase your savings by shopping the sales at more than one store. Making a list helps protect your wallet from impulse purchases and whims. Using a list can also help you save time. If you shop the same store every week, why not organize your list based on the aisle layout? Store-brand foods have come a long way since the financial meltdown.

Worried about trying a store brand?


Compare the listed ingredients. The key to using cheaper cuts of beef is cooking them properl y. Other ways to save on meat include buying whole chickens and breaking them down yourself, and removing bones or skin on other cuts yourself. Or buy larger cuts like Boston Butt or a Chuck Roast and slice them into pork or chuck steaks yourself. Coupon-clippers learn quickly to set aside brand preferences for the best prices.

An easy way to begin doing this is by banishing brand names from your grocery list entirely. That means stores have no incentive to place lower-cost items there. Meanwhile, store managers choose what goes on the top shelves and their choices reflect those which make the stores the most money.

Shopping from these shelves will save you the most money in most cases. The exception: the breakfast aisle where pricier stuff is lower so kids can see and beg for it. Apparently the lure of convenience is just too strong, and that can cost shoppers in more ways than one. Having the store wash and chop vegetables for you is convenient but it drives the cost up sometimes as much as 40 percent.

The same goes with grated cheese. An 8-oz. There is a reason food companies target kids with their ads for soda and other unhealthy foods: it works. Pressed for time, tired parents often give in to the endless pleas for treats. Kids will also distract you from comparing prices. Dash, Old Bay and Seasoning Salt , it is far cheaper to make your own.