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More Verizon G3 Accessories Threads. Verizon G3 Android Development. VSB V6. Dec Verizon G3 Original Android Development. I can't believe all that phones can do nowadays. I love LG and Samsung phones. They have always been my chosen brands. I love their features and dependability. I would buy the soon-to-be-unveiled Nexus 6, or Nexus X.

Oh, and Nexus 9 as well it's a tablet though, a little bit out of topic. I have an LG G2 and I adore it It is never the best phone, but it is one I can afford. I wouldn't actually purchase a smartphone at the moment. I'm trying to figure that out for my son's birthday. I like LG products, but unsure which one to get. I would probably get the Sony Xperia Z3. It sounds like it improved over the Z2 and hopefully they have addressed the overheating issue.

I would buy the LG G3 because it's the most attractive phone on the market at the moment.

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Atleast for me that is. I would buy myself a htc m8 because of the premium feel and sexy looks.

Best Replacement OEM Battery for LG G3 with Extended Capacity.

And it's very decent in terms of performance. If I had enough spare cash, I'd probably get the new Moto X. The G3 would still be high up on my list though. Hmm I'm not sure which Android I would buy. My last few phones have been Blackberries and definitely ready for something new.

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My husband has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and really likes it. I am open to an Android phone since he is learning his smartphone quite quickly.

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I have an iPhone4 right now but this LG is awesome! I'd get the OnePlus One, although seeing as that's kind of hard to get hold of, I'd probably replace my ageing Huawei Ascend Mate with the new one just released. Would love to buy Oneplus One. If I could get an invite. I understand they are offering pre orders by October so maybe I could get one then. Love the specs and for the price, it is truly bang for the buck. I haven't decided on a new one yet. This LG G3 look pretty good though. I'll certainly be considering it. The Oneplus One is perhaps the best phone for the money and also my current phone, but i would buy the nexus 6 or new moto x.

Preemptively, I'd say Galaxy S 5, but there's one in my eyes shortcoming, that I simply can't ignore any longer. I remember this scuffing the surface of my outlook on the first android I ever owned, namely the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant tv. For as long as the S line has been around, Samsung has always put the single set of speakers on the rear. Every day, I get more and more "sick and tired" of Samsung's relentlessness in changing the speaker placement, now I've had enough. That, coupled with the fact that, in my opinion, the G3 is in recent years LG's best, makes for my titanium strong desire to win this.

The Huawei P7. I like my current Huawei phone and my needs aren't demanding so the P7 would be a logical upgrade for me. I would like to buy OnePlus One phone. This phone is very beautiful and absolutely the phone for the future. Whatever the Nexus 6 is going to be, most likely. I would also have an eye on the Moto X because of how nice the customization is. What phone would I buy???? I really do NOT know it's so confusing! It would not be from apple that is for sure..

I want to say "Droid" only because I fell for the "sci fi" bit in the commercials! LOL Smart advertisers BUT I would read reviews and choose a reliable one, in the end. So money would be well spent! I'm cheap. I would purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have the Note 2 and I love the big screen so I'd want to purchase something with a screen at least as big! I don't have to get the latest flagships, so I would probably go for Xperia Z1 compact.

It has decent specs, reasonable price and will actually fit in my hand ;.

I would buy the Samsung Galaxy 5 Sport. I've been keeping my eye on one until I can afford it. I already own an LG Optimus F3 through Virgin until recently, Virgin had a limited range phone options , which is an adequate mid-range smartphone.

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It does most of what I need without complaint, and has very good battery life. I have been considering the Samsung Note 4 when it comes out. I've loved my GS4. Been the best phone I've owned thus far. But I like what LG is putting out more and more. Unfortunately I would have to buy the one that cost the least.

I really don't know how to answer this question because unfortunately, I can't afford a smartphone. Right now, I'm leaning towards the new Moto X when it comes out, but it has no expandable memory. Either one I would love to have because of the improvements to the overall look and feel of the phone.