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Here are some resources for free diapers. This company sends a free trial box of diapers. You must sign up as a customer at the online checkout. This company will send you a one-time free sample pack of diapers and wipes, but the shipment will automatically sign you up for a monthly membership of diapers that you will need to pay for unless you cancel it. Ask your friends if they have unused diapers in sizes that their child has grown out of. Pampers and Huggies reward customers with coupons.

Sign up online and use a phone app to scan every item you buy to redeem points online. Points can be applied toward buying new diapers or other baby gear. Follow diaper companies on social media to hear about free giveaways. Companies use this like advertising, and they hope that if you like their diapers, you will become a customer. You can count on being sent home with a few diapers after labor and delivery in a hospital. If you need more, ask. Cloth diapers are washable and reusable so can be passed down from kid to kid.

You may be able to find gently used cloth diapers on Craigslist or in a local parent Facebook group. Many stores give a welcome gift bag when you create a baby registry with them. These gifts often include at least one free bottle.

Free Diapers and Coupons For Your Baby

Many companies will send you free samples if you use the contact form on their website. Companies known for giving free samples include:. Enfamil and Similac offer rewards to loyal customers. To qualify, you must sign up with the company online. Every purchase will turn into points that go toward earning free formula or other baby gear.

Pediatric and OB-GYN offices often get free samples from companies to pass on to their new and expecting parents. Ask your doctors what they have when you visit.


Many hospitals can also send you home with formula after you deliver your baby. Every insured, expectant mother in the United States is entitled to a free breast pump, paid for by their health insurance company, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. This is how it usually works:. If you do decide to use a second-hand pump, be sure to fully sterilize the pump before use.

You should also purchase replacement parts for the breast shields, tubes, and pump valves. Many towns and neighborhoods have Facebook groups where you can connect with local parents and trade baby gear. Search on Google and Facebook for a group in your area. This online forum allows direct communication from sellers to buyers for used items. Search listings daily since the quality items go fast. Some registries like Baby List or Amazon are exclusively online and allow you to register for items from multiple stores.

Many stores will thank you for making a registry by giving you a goody bag of free items and coupons.

Items may include free bottles and samples of soap, lotion, or diaper cream. They may also include pacifiers, wipes, and diapers. The Penny Hoarder website has a list of baby items that you can receive for free and only pay shipping. Items include:. Check here to see if your town qualifies.

And this is one item you really want to be in perfect condition for your new baby. That said, car seats can be quite expensive. Rest assured that every car seat sold in the United States must meet safety standards, no matter how inexpensive they are. Different organizations and government programs provide resources to low-income families. These include:. People can point you in the right direction, offer resources, and encourage you.

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FREE Baby Welcome Bag + RARE Coupons & Savings at Target ($ Value!)

You can use this online or in stores. Free Returns for up to 1 Year on Registry Purchases Just print your Gifts Purchased List from your registry and you can head right to the store with your unopened items to return Personalize your registry with a custom URL and a personal photo on your landing page This makes it so much more fun to share with your friends and family This is such an easy way to score extra savings and Freebies from Target!

Never miss a hot deal.

How To Get Tons Of FREE Baby Items - Free Baby Samples and Coupons

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