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If yes, then a golf cart is something you should consider adding to your shopping list. The challenge, however, comes when choosing between electric and gas golf carts. Not everyone understands the difference between the two. Well, either will get you across the course with ease. They both differ greatly in how they function, how much they cost, how durable they are and more.

Have you ever bought a grill, a weed eater, a lawnmower or a blower? Your supplier will always ask whether you want the gas or electric type. As of recently, this choice also extends to buying everyday cars for that matter. You should carefully weigh in the pros and cons of each type. You may not know what to look for or how to judge the difference in features.

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The first thing that makes the two types different is how they work. Similar to how regular everyday cars work, gas carts get their energy through the combustion of gas. Air enters the engine and combines with fuel to produce power. Modern models have four-stroke engines which are lighter and more powerful. Some older models use two-stroke engines, but the difference in performance is not that significant. The carts are fueled with regular gas just like normal cars. Petrol is the most common fuel type for newer models.

Things are a bit different on the side of electric golf carts. Instead of running on gas, they depend on battery cells. Most of the carts are volt or volt. You will have to recharge the batteries on a regular basis to keep them going. Price is a factor that makes them appear different on another level.

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If you have any mechanical background, you should know which ones are more costly. A used gas golf cart is typically more expensive than a used electric cart. In fact, its price can often match that of a new electric cart. The fact that used gas carts are not very easy to find makes them even more valuable. Electric carts are much cheaper. When you buy them used, consider the condition of the battery. Like most types of electric batteries, electric golf cart batteries deteriorate over time and lose their ability to hold a charge.

Where you buy is also an important factor, different outlets may sometimes vary considerably in terms of price depending on your location. The condition of the cart will also affect the price. If the battery is weak, as mentioned above, you should obviously expect to get your cart for a cheaper price. So, what about new carts? Just as mentioned before with used vehicles, gas golf carts sell higher than their electric counterparts.

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Have you ever thought of how readily available electric grills for instance? And in this case, the need for gas carts seems to be higher than the electric vehicles. You can notice this almost immediately after you get into any golf carts shop. The next thing you should consider is how long you expect the cart to be of service. If your budget is very tight, you should find something that is more durable. Strength and durability depend on the make and model. Most first time buyers will often assume that gas carts are more powerful.

This is true if you consider the older versions of electric carts with volt power engines. They were much less powerful compared to any gas engine. You will go over hills with ease as well. So which one is more durable, gas or electric? You have the answer; it is the model that says it all. Whether buying it online or directly from a shop, look for a supplier that advises you on each type. This is because sometimes batteries in electric carts die way too fast.

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It may be a good idea to get a used cart from a reliable source rather than messing up and buying a bad new one. Golf courses are beautiful places with an abundance of flaura and fauna and wildlife. This is why any pollution may make your experience less appealing. Gas-powered golf carts run on fuel. Now, everyone knows traditional fuels emit carbon monoxide. It brings up the same smell you find in crowded towns with dense traffic and busy streets. For instance, trying to repair your gas engine inside a garage can be a nightmare, especially with some older models that were less efficient at managing and controlling emissions.

Newer models have improved to route exhaust and minimize the gas smell. This is where electric golf carts stand out. They have a clear edge over gas carts regarding eco-friendliness. Some people are allergic to fumes and emissions.

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Gas carts, sturdy as they may be are not the best choice in this regard. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why electric carts have become more popular. Putting pollution aside, electric carts are generally much cleaner. As gas carts get older and develop engine issues, the negative environmental impact can multiply. As electric carts age, however, the battery may eventually fail, but the cart will remain eco-friendly nevertheless. At that moment, only the singing of the birds and the whistling of the wind amongst the trees makes you feel at home.

Well, this one of the reasons that make golfing so enjoyable. Golf courses are built in quiet places to increase the level of concentration. This is why the noise your golf cart emits should matter.

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Noisy golf carts can literally ruin your whole golfing experience at times. Well, the main factor here is the way each one picks up speed.

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During acceleration, electric carts pick speed faster and more quietly.