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Diovan inhibits vasoconstriction, reduces sodium and water retention in the body. Antihypertensive drug Diovan is prescribed to children of 6 years and above, adults and elderly patients for:. After the intake of Diovan pills, the antihypertensive effect develops within 1. The maximum lowering in blood pressure is achieved within 4 weeks of the systematic application of Diovan. The recommended dose of Diovan for adult hypertensive patients varies between 80mg or mg per day.

To achieve a greater antihypertensive effect, daily Diovan dose can be increased to mg or a diuretic to be included into the antihypertensive therapy "water pills". The maximum dose of Diovan for children should not exceed mg per day. Diovan is recommended to be taken daily in the morning. If you remembered that you had forgotten to take a dose of the antihypertensive drug, take a pill of Diovan immediately or on the same day. If you remembered about the missed dose of Diovan shortly before the next scheduled dose of pills, just skip the missed dose of the antihypertensive drug, do not double it.

Diovan tablets should be swallowed without chewing, with a full glass of water. Food intake does not affect the absorption of the antihypertensive drug. However, if any symptoms of gastric disorders are observed after the intake of Diovan tablets, the patient is recommended to take the drug after a meal. Diovan may cause serious adverse effects in fetus and neonatal. Therefore, Diovan is strictly not recommended to be used by women to reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy.

The patients recently experienced a myocardial infarction and heart failure should use Diovan with extra caution.

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The online pharmacy shall accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss that may result from the use of the information, provided in the review of antihypertensive drug Diovan. Adverse reactions, caused by Diovan tablets, may vary in patients with various heart conditions.

The type and severity of Diovan adverse reactions may depend on the kind of diseases, treated with this drug. In the treatment of hypertension or heart failure, Diovan may cause : abdominal pain, nausea, viral infection, bronchitis, or URTI. Besides, patients with heart failure may experience diarrhea, fatigue, arthralgia, dizziness, or back pain.

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